January 10, 2008

Biography of P.N. Treasure

In the suburbs of Thrissur, a small town in Kerala, is a safe haven abounding with love and care from a wonderful “Mother”, for hundreds of girls to whom was denied the opportunity to grow up with their own biological family. Here is an individual, dedicated to the laborious task of bringing up a huge family, and ensuring that the little girls, born of different parents live together in the harmony of sisterhood, and lack nothing as they grow up to be pillars of a family of their own.

Fondly addressed as “Mommy”, by her daughters, Ms Phyllis Naomi Treasure of New Zealand, has spent most of her life in the Indian soil, in ‘silent service’, rearing up one generation after another, happily seeing them off as each girl sets about to start building her very own home.

The instituition, “Rehoboth” which literally means “Spacious” is home and family to her. Rehoboth is solid, living proof of the tides of changes that were brought to individual lives, the society and the entire nation, through tireless, dedicated efforts of Christian missionaries.

As a young girl, she heard of the plight of millions of abandoned and orphaned girls and decided to move to India. She then bent herself on being equipped for a life in India and taught herself various skills. In the 2nd decade of her life, the beautiful, talented and vibrant Ms. Treasure, found herself amidst the girls of whom she had only heard so much.

The Rehaboth Orphanage, is situtated at Nellikunnu, a few minutes drive from the heart of Thrissur. I have been privileged to visit this “home, sweet home” many times during my visits to India and I have always returned refreshed and inspired by the sights of children running about and also the humbling scenes of day-old babies swaddled in clean white clothes, cuddled fondly in the arm of Ms. Treasure.

Except among the people in Kerala, she has not acquired fame nor will she. But crowns of glory await her on the "Other Shore"


W.J. said...

What is given in this page is true to the core. But it is only a very short story of a work of a life time of committed work.

Jo said...

Hi I am Jo from Singapore!

I had been to the orphanage myself some 10 years ago with my school and i had contact Mommy that i will be travelling down to Kerela to visit them this nov.

Wondering where do u usually stay when u visit them?

pls email me for more details :)