January 7, 2008

Biography of Jim Reeves

Official Name : James Travis Reeves

Date of Birth : August 20, 1923

Date of Demise : July 31, 1964

Award : Jim Reeves Memorial Award

Jim Reeves accuired fame as an American Pop Singer. His baritone voice coupled with the simplicity of his songs, touched the heart of millions not only across the Americas, but also throughout Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. He is also widely accepted in the Christian circle, for his christmas and hymn renditions.

He was born in Galloway, Texas. He was very much into baseball during his early years and started off on his career as a DJ. He became an International legend after he signed a contract with Abbot Records. He also said to have embraced the Christian faith during a difficult period of his life.

"He'll have to go" was his greatest hit, which earned him a platinum record. "Distant Drums" also topped the UK pop charts, but He did not live to see it.

"Gentleman Jim" died in an aircrash in Nashville and is buried near his hometown at Panola County, survived by his wife Mary and his two sisters.

My personal favorites of his renderings are "Precious Lord, take my hand", "Mary's boy, Jesus Christ", "Mexican Joe", "My cathedral" and "Daddy, teach me how to pray"

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